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Commodity trading systems advisor is an excellent description of the Commodity Trading Consumer Research site. We are headed by the renowned expert on commodity trading, Courtney Smith who is the company's editor-in-chief. Courtney Smith is somewhat of a guru when it comes to trading and investment so you can be sure that the information we provide will help you locate the wheat in all the chaff of trading information online.

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CTCR, provides in-depth reviews of commodity trading systems, trading software, trading books, and many more products for commodity and futures trading. On top of this, you will find the most detailed interviews online the experts.

We at CTCR have been providing advice and guiding traders through the minefield of trading misinformation since 1983.


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CTCR offers our members and nonmembers alike unequaled services in the investment community. For our nonmembers, we offer the services of CTCR Online - we are sure you will find this site useful and enjoyable. Members, get subscription to the CTCR newsletter, Major Moves, discounts, the full Tracked Advisor information (see sample) and so much more! Visit these links to find out how we can help you in your investment quests...

trading systems advisor

Commodity trading benefits for CTCR members The benefits for CTCR members

Commodity Trading benifits for non-members The benefits for nonmembers

The bottom line is this: CTCR is a unique membership that helps you make and save money. Nobody else can offer so much to help you with your trading pursuits. CTCR is your online investment advisor.

So why not join our growing community and reap the benefits we can help you achieve. Become one of many people worldwide who have had success with their investment trading. Success that CTCR has been able to contribute to.


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